Jisoo Yang

Jisoo Yang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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Office: TBE-B372D
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4505 S. Maryland Parkway
Box 454019
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I believe computing is at an inflection point: logic technology scaling is beginning to slow down while 3D-stackable non-volatile memories keep marching towards increased bit density and lower cost. From systems perspective, continuation of this new trend represents huge challenges in operating system and platform architecture: systems must evolve to adapt to the new balance between compute and storage, but they must do so in the least painful way for the mature computing ecosystem.

I have conducted systems research personally modifying the deepest parts of Linux kernel and Xen hypervisor. I also dabbled into processor architecture and hardware design while I was at Intel. These industry research experiences provide me unique perspective on future systems architectures that may have higher chance of real-world impact.

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My Spring 2017 office hours are: Mon/Wed 10-11am, 3-5pm

CS 219 - Computer Organization

CS 370 - Operating Systems

CS 463 - Computer Architecture