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The following is a video in five parts, of which the
The first part is interesting, but the second, third, and fourth parts are truly mind-boggling. The second part shows an emulation of DNA replication. The third part shows an emulation of transcription, where a strand of messenger RNA (mRNA) is created from a strand of DNA. The fourth part shows translation, where a ribosome creates a protein by reading a strand of messenger RNA. The fifth part of the video seems less interesting. I don't know what is happening in that segment, and I always skip it. Click here.

These next 48 separate videos (click just once to see all of them in sequence) are even more mind-boggling. They explain some of what you saw before in greater detail.
Don't be put off by the message that these videos are unavailable. Just click on the individual videos on the right side.
These videos raise more questions than they answer, making you feel more ignorant than you did before you started watching them! Click here. If these videos don't make you feel totally ignorant, either you are an expert, or, more likely, you don't know what's going on!