CS 135
Exercise #1
Point value: 10
Date due: send email (using mail utility described below) to your lab instructor by 11:59pm Wed, Sep 6

This exercise is designed to introduce you to

Change your CS password

Compiling and Executing a C++ Program (Linux)

Using ssh (in TBE B361) to login to bobby.cs.unlv.edu
bobby.cs.unlv.edu is the cs department's general purpose login machine. You can connect to this machine using a program called ssh from the cs lab (TBE B361) and from home (see Download/Install SSH section below.)

When you are connected to bobby, you will be able to access your cs account files. You MUST login to bobby to use the mail utility and to submit your programs.

Sending Email from bobby.cs.unlv.edu

mail -s "your_name, exercise#, lec_sec#, lab_sec#" -c your_email_add lab_instructor's_email_add < filename 
mail -s "Mary Smith Exercise #1 Lec 1001 Lab 1011" -c smith987@unlv.nevada.edu labteacher@unlv.edu < maryex1.cpp

Download/Install SSH - Remote Login