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Andreas Stefik, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Computer Science
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
2016 White House Champion of Change
Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information

Dr. Andreas Stefik
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Department of Computer Science
Las Vegas, NV 89154-4019

TBEII, office 372e
Office Phone: 702-895-3603
Office Fax: 702-895-2639

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I can be contacted at Generally, I receive an order of magnitude more email than I can possibly read. I try to read email once in the morning and afternoon on weekdays, but do not read email on weekends.

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My lab runs the Quorum Slack Channel. This is a good way to get support for users of the Quorum Programming Language..

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My lab maintains the source code for the Quorum Programming language at Bitbucket. This is the source code for Quorum, which I work on most days. Feel free to submit bugs on Jira, toss in a comment on a repo, or commit.

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I have a (not well maintained) LinkedIn page. Email, Slack, Twitter, and carrier pigeons are all much more likely to get my attention.

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I have a twitter page at @AndreasStefik. I do not use twitter very much, but I do check it.